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Ryan Allen
My Focus: 1. Customer Satisfaction 2. Employee Satisfaction 3. Continuous Improvement 4. Profits ....In that order.
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Questions from the Web: Is Lean Only for the Shop Floor?

Lean Implementation, Lean

In a manufacturing environment, why is lean manufacturing applied only to the shop floor? Why is it not applied to the entire organization?

It is based on the failed assumption that the only waste that matters is manufacturing waste. Can you imagine a manufacturing process that produces a defect and there is no one in the organization to work it with the customer? At every stage of the value...

...
June 21, 2018 / /

The Path to a Problem Solving Culture, Part 2

Leadership, Problem Solving

Part 2 of a Series

Leadership – the Essential Element

In my last post, I evaluated the options for problem solving, as the starting point for developing a problem solving culture.  But it is a...

...
/ June 20, 2018

The Path to a Problem Solving Culture, Part 1

Problem Solving, Training

Part 1 of a series

Problem Solving Training

Those familiar with lean understand that problem solving is inextricably linked to lean’s success. A system that pursues continuous process improvement,...

...
/ June 13, 2018

How can you distinguish a good consultant from a poor one?

Consulting, Problem Solving

Most consultants, if not previously used by yourself or your company, come across as confident and a bit mysterious.   This is not necessarily bad but it means they are trying to assess the...

...
/ July 26, 2017
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