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The Path to a Problem Solving Culture, Part 2

Leadership, Problem Solving

Part 2 of a Series

Leadership – the Essential Element

In my last post, I evaluated the options for problem solving, as the starting point for developing a problem solving culture.  But it is a...

...
/ June 20, 2018

The Path to a Problem Solving Culture, Part 1

Problem Solving, Training

Part 1 of a series

Problem Solving Training

Those familiar with lean understand that problem solving is inextricably linked to lean’s success. A system that pursues continuous process improvement,...

...
/ June 13, 2018

Introduction to TSD 5-Phase Implementation Model

Lean Implementation, 5-Phase, Lean, Problem Solving

The search for a consistent methodology to implement lean led me to many diverse places.  I considered the work of many famous management development gurus and the work on systems by my good...

...
/ July 28, 2017

How can you distinguish a good consultant from a poor one?

Consulting, Problem Solving

Most consultants, if not previously used by yourself or your company, come across as confident and a bit mysterious.   This is not necessarily bad but it means they are trying to assess the...

...
/ July 26, 2017
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